April 17, 2024

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BROJOB cover Six Feet Under’s “Zodiac” in hysterical fashion

This week, death metal band Six Feet Under released a single off their upcoming album,¬†Nightmares Of The Decomposed. “Zodiac” is a slow-moving piece with very, VERY rough vocals from Chris Barnes, whose voice has gone through a lot the past few decades from fronting Cannibal Corpse to Six Feet Under. It was so provoking, that the video on Metal Blade’s YouTube channel has its comments disabled and sits at an alarming like/dislike ratio.

Well, the deathcore dads in BROJOB wasted NO time in covering the new song, entitled “Brodiac”.

With more resounding production and wailing high notes, listening to the two renditions back-to-back will have you howling. The video features hilarious art that was slapped together in minutes and complements BROJOB’s take on the track well.

The guys in BROJOB are always good for a laugh and this is no exception. There’s a new merch line available here if you want to support them!

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