March 4, 2024

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Berried Alive announces new album, “Fuego”

A project I’ve had my eyes set on for the past year is Charles Caswell (ex-Reflections) and his Berried Alive effort.

Far exceeding any boundaries set for the genre of metal and its sub-genres, it is truly impossible to describe what you’re hearing when you pop on a Berried Alive track. With some of the most chaotic riffs mixed with the thickest production around, it is truly addictive to listen to.

Off the heels of several singles released the past months, Charles has finally broke the news that we will be receiving another album by the name of Fuego. As you can hear from its title track (specifically the unreal solo at 1:43), the shredding continues at its breakneck pace.

This is already one of my most anticipated releases, as just a singular listen gets me in the mood to mosh everything in sight. I look forward to the release of Fuego!

New Fury Media