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From The Embrace is a 5 piece Progressive Melodic Death Metal outfit based out of Tampa, FL. I have been following this band since 2009, 2 years after they formed.  They are always moving forward with their sound and switching things up.


Despite all the member changes over the years, they just recently released their first full length “The Sun Betrays Us To The Night” with Total Deathcore.


The first time I was introduced to this band by my good friend Nick Zimmer, I was on the fence. That was until I got to see them at a show at Insomniacs In New Port Richey, FL in 2010. The energy then alone was indescribable by mere words. Nick Marrero’s (Vocals) stage assault is completely in your face and makes you want to smash something. He really and always has known how to get the crowd worked up. Not to mention the professionalism and passion he puts into promotion. I have to say he is one of the best I know at DIY promotion of a band. He has manged to put DIY tours together with Rose Funeral and The Absence to name a few.


FTE has always been a very technical band and strives to be unique. Currently to date they have released two EP’s (“The Grind” and “Heavens On Fire”) with previous lineup and a Full Length (“The Sun Betrays Us To The Night”) with the current lineup. I have to say the current addition of Ghaith (Drums), Antonio (Guitar), and Taylor (Bass) has brought the band to a new level of technical supremacy. The last I saw them was with this lineup, minus Ghaith on drums. It was simply pure eargasms and energy during the whole set. But I can only imagine the live show with the addition of Ghaith. He was and is one of the best drummers I know. I have seen him play in previous bands (Look Right Penny andChaos Arcade) and his technique is superb.


If you are a fan of Metal and especially Melo Death then this is a band you should give a listen. We  have not even seen the beginning of FTE yet. To end this article I caught up with Nick Marrero (Vocals) and asked him a few questions about whats in store for FTE in 2014, member changes, tour stories and just exactly who is FTE.


What does the rest of 2014 hold in store for FTE?

Well, the rest of 2014 should be pretty busy for us. After coming back from a major tour, FTE had a guitarist change. So, we’re working in our new guitar player with our new album, and at the same time we’re starting the writing process for our next record. So we’re going to finish out the year on our new album, and hopefully we’ll be playing some new stuff a little at a time live to see how it goes over. We’ve got a small run in July that will take us up to South Carolina and Georgia. We’ll be the main support band for a pretty awesome show in September with a Metal Blade band and a Prosthetic records band, but I can’t announce who yet. And to finish it out we’ll be doing another US Tour in October. We’re just trying to play out as much as possible and get ready for the next record.


Who is the new guitar player?

Our new guitarist is a great dude. We had the pleasure of sharing the road with his other band, The Mirage Theory. Gio stepped in to play for FTE as well. You should definitely check out his YouTube page, and Subscribe of course.


How did the tour with The Abscence go?

When you’re in my position, this is the part where you are supposed to just put on a smile and say “Hey the tour was Awesome!” Well, the Tour was definitely awesome, thanks to all the fans and contacts we made. We played 3 different countries, that’s something we will never forget, and makes us hungry for more. And yeah, that’s why we tour. But, I’m not going to sugar coat it all. From the Embrace is a band that has worked VERY hard and we pride ourselves on our Professionalism. So with that being said, We were definitely let down a little bit, but we kept our heads high (some more than others haha) and we pressed on. Now, let me elaborate on what we were let down about. As a Touring band, sometimes you’re forced to deal with people / bands who are unprofessional and clearly don’t care about what they’re doing. So seeing that everyday was kind of killing us inside a little bit because we DO care about what we do and our fans and work as hard as we can to get to play in front of all the amazing people that we get to play in front of. We Won over every crowd on that tour, and that’s what it was all about, so at the end of the day it was a success. But it was absolutely the toughest tour FTE has ever done. Again, THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT ON THAT TOUR!


Whats the funniest tour story you have ever experienced with FTE, I know there is some doozies?

Wow, there’s just too many to pick from. Off the top of my head, We were on the road on a recent run. It was really late one night and I had a bit of a stomach ache. I’m sure you know where this is going. Well anyway, I had to pull over on the interstate. Now, when I say that it’s late, I mean it’s like 2 am Pitch Black night in the middle of fucking NOWHERE! I grabbed the baby wipes and ran to the space between the van and trailer. I had to drop that #2. Now in this situation, I expected to get fucked with by the 5 other immature idiots in the van that I have the pleasure of calling my Bandmates. Nothing was happening, it was too quiet. So, I was just trying to imagine what the hell I was going to walk into getting back in the van. Well, a few seconds later, Sure enough I hear a sizzling sound. I see a sparkling trail thrown into my direction…Smoke…and BAM! 2 Books of Black Cats going off at my feet. Literally, Scaring the shit out of me. It was ten times louder than normal black cats because its just echoing off a metal van and aluminum trailer. it was awful. Funny for them, and Afterward for me. So all in all, it was pretty hilarious.


So, FTE has had alot and I mean alot of member changes over the years. What keeps you going and how do you feel it has progressed the band?

This band keeps me going. Member changes are always going to be something bands go through. There’s no escaping that. Because people change, lives change, and feelings change in everyone. Not everyone is built to tour in a band. Not everyone is meant for this life style. It’s tough, real tough. But what keeps me going, is the true meaning of FTE. FTE has grown into more than just a band. I like to think of it as more of an inspiration to people. This is a band, yes. But FTE is also a symbol of Achieving your goals and living your dreams no matter the risk, be HAPPY. We want to inspire people to do what they want to do with their lives and be Positive. Those kids that talk to us at shows and tell us they can’t wait to see us again, well that’s what we live for.



How awesome is Nick Zimmer and what does he mean to FTE?

Nick Zimmer….What to say, what to say…. Zimby, as we call him, or Zim. He’s actually a really great photographer. He’s been with FTE since our very first tour. Didn’t know this kid from a hole in the wall, and decided to take him on the road with us back in 2010. I personally gained a best friend out of him but honestly, he’s that 6th member of FTE. Every band has a few Behind the scenes people. Well, he’s our main guy. He takes our photos, Live and Promos. He’s our Stage hand and crew member. He does merch sometimes, when I let him. Most of all he’s got our back all the time. Trustworthy, honest dude. That’s definitely the qualities you need in someone that’s going to be on tour with you and be a friend as well.


What pointers would you give to DIY bands?

Be respectful and professional, play shows outside your hometown. If you’re comfortable, You’re doing it wrong. Get outside your comfort zone. Play in front of new people, not your hometown and friends every weekend.


In closing is there anything you would like to add?

Thank you to everyone. Fans, Friends, Family and everyone who reads this and supports music. Pick up our new Album, The Sun Betrays Us To The Night.

Available Through Total Deathcore:

Also on iTunes:

The Sun Betrays Us To The Night, by From The Embrace



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