Band Of The Week: Bongripper

bongripperSince you are reading this, there’s a good chance that you are not familiar with the feeling of being crushed to death by a steamroller. Although you can only imagine that there has to be something, within the cracking of your bones or the contorting of your limbs, that gives you a sense of wonder, or fulfillment. Just how can something be so heavy, and so devastating? This is probably the best way to describe the instrumental monster that is Chicago’s Bongripper.

I discovered Bongripper around a year ago by searching around on YouTube, as I couldn’t resist clicking on an album titled “Satan Worshipping Doom” that featured some insanely trippy artwork. What caught my attention upon my first listen was the fact that the album clocks in just over 53 minutes, while spanning only four songs. Bongripper embraces their doom metal fashion with more songs in their discography touching at least ten minutes than otherwise. Laced with bombastic stoner-rock influenced riffs, almost every Bongripper song is incredibly long-winded and every song is most certainly heavy.

The band’s first release, “Hippie Killer“, was released back in 2007 and featured 10 tracks, a number that decreased with every following release. Since then, the band has risen through the underground scene and has garnered a lot of attention from fans of doom and stoner metal. The band’s intense drum-work and monstrous riffs provide an onslaught of devastation for any listener willing to invest some time into the band’s work. The band’s next release, “Miserable”, will be due out this summer with three new tracks that will provide 66 minutes of more Bongripper

You can pre-order “Miserable” here –

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