March 4, 2024

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Bad Omens’ “Just Pretend” hits #1 on the Billboard Hot Hard Rock Songs chart

Currently exploding on TikTok and on streaming services, Bad Omens’ massive song “Just Pretend” is poised to be the band’s biggest hit to date. It wasn’t even released as an official single, yet at almost 20 million streams on Spotify alone, it proves the depth of their new album The Death Of Peace Of Mind, if anything. And it just keeps reaching new heights. Clearly, they’re adept at songwriting and creating catchy hooks – something many bands could learn from.

Currently on a completely sold-out tour with Dayseeker, Make Them Suffer, and Thousand Below in tow, the song has now reached the #1 spot on Billboard’s Hot Hard Rock Songs chart, which – wait for it – tracks the hottest songs in hard rock. Shocking. Anyway, it doesn’t look like the song’s going away anytime soon either – currently being played on their sold-out tour, it’s going to be a setlist staple for a long time.

Also, this is pretty amusing.

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