AWA Super Sunday 1983 (Wrestling Review)


Super Sunday

St. Paul, Minnosota

April 24th, 1983



Singles Match
Brad Rheingans vs. Rocky Stone

The crowd is behind Rheingans since he is an Olympian. The ending had a good reaction but outside of that the match is a slower grapple sludge to get through. 

.5 / 5

Singles Match
Buck Zumhofe vs. Steve Regal

Matches like this just haven’t aged well. Super slow paced until the baby face picks up the win at the end with a spur of energy. Regal had good heel work though. 

1 / 5

Singles Match
Jerry Lawler vs. John Tolos

A messy match that at one point makes no sense. Tolos just hit with a DQ before the ref just sort of erases it. Lawler was super over though. The match just had bad flow to it. 

1 / 5

NWA World Women’s Tag Team Title Match
Joyce Grable & Wendi Richter (c) vs. Judy Martin & Velvet McIntyre

Aside from the last minute or so the match was just sloppy and slow. Didn’t have a steady pace and went on for far too long. 

1 / 5

Singles Match
Wahoo McDaniel vs. Ed Boulder

Wahoo was out of shape and boring. The match even at 7 minutes felt long. Nothing happened in this dud of a match. 

.5 / 5

Six Man Tag Team Match
Jesse Ventura & The Heenan Family (Blackjack Lanza & Ken Patera) (w/Bobby Heenan) vs. Rick Martel & The High Flyers (Greg Gagne & Jim Brunzell)

The crowd was pretty red hot into this. Standard match type but it worked well with the guys involved including the ending. Nothing to write home about but compared to everything before it this was a classic. 

3 / 5

AWA World Heavyweight Title Match
Nick Bockwinkel (w/Bobby Heenan) (c) vs. Hulk Hogan

A pretty slow match with tons of stalling. Crowd got hot in moments but the reverse fake ending was dumb and a move that happened more times. Nothing really worthy of going out of your way for but not unwatchable by any means. 

2 / 5

Tag Team Match
Adnan Al-Kassie & Jerry Blackwell vs. Mad Dog Vachon & Verne Gagne

The best part of this was that Gagne looked good for his age and was in decent enough shape. The rest of the match was just plodding, time filling, and lifeless brawling pretty much. Send the crowd home with a little blood though. 

1.5 / 5

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