March 2, 2024

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Circa Survive announce new EP ‘A Dream About Death’, listen to new single “Electric Moose” here

After 2021’s A Dream About Love EP which saw Circa Survive blend genres into a more electronic-based EP, the band has announced their new EP, following in the same footsteps. This continues Circa’s step into more avant-garde type music as the band is now 17+ years in and continuously evolving. It might not be the same band you think you know, but it’s solid all the same.

“Electric Moose” is also one of vocalist Anthony Green‘s favorites on the EP. “I really love this song,” Green explains. “It actually came together after we were finished the writing process. The other songs were sent off to mastering already. This one came together very organically and we loved it so much we had to include it. ”

The lyrics for “Electric Moose” actually started out as a poem that he wrote about domestic abuse, and someone trapped in a relationship but trying to hold onto the thought of how it was before things became violent. Its video, directed by Katherine White, follows a similar story, utilizing an intense dance performance to capture the sentiment behind the song.

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