April 22, 2024

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August Burns Red announce 3rd annual “Christmas Burns Red” shows with a stacked lineup

August Burns Red is continuing their trend of bringing Christmas joy with their 3rd annual “Christmas Burns Red” shows spanning two nights this Dec. Featuring the band headlining both nights making this their biggest year yet for their gathering means this is a show fans won’t want to miss. ABRs set on Dec. 16th will also be a special set featuring only material from their time on “Solid State Records” as the lineup is comprised of artists from Solid State as well.

Details regarding tickets, VIP packages, and lodging can be found here.

“Christmas Burns Red is an event we’ve worked so hard to make better each year,” the band says. “This is our first year doing two days in Freedom Hall and we can’t wait to watch all these awesome and talented bands play across the weekend. These shows are always the highlight of ABR’s year. We look forward to making new memories with everyone in December!”

The daily lineups are below.

August Burns Red
Norma Jean
Silent Planet
Becoming the Archetype
Earth Groans

August Burns Red
Shadow of Intent
Brand of Sacrifice
Invent Animate

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