May 25, 2024

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ARCHERS Announce New June Tour Dates

Branded as the “Softest Bois in Metal core’, ARCHERS have a unique take on the traditional metal core sound by blending pop elements with breakdowns, hard hitting screams, and angelic clean vocals. The band has just announced their longest tour yet, with 11 dates in both new and old favorite areas. ARCHERS recently released a Lo-Fi style remix of their song “Shallow” which is the perfect pairing to a rainy day and cup of coffee. The band has also teased that they are heading to the studio this month so new music is on the horizon, and they’ve teased that an even bigger tour is in the works for august.

For fans of Dayseeker, I Prevail, Outline In Color and the likes ARCHERS is a band you definitely want to check out and keep on your radar. They deliver an energy packed live performance and all around good time.

Grab a cup of coffee and ride out April showers with Shallow (Lo-Fi):

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