September 22, 2023

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Shaquille O’Neal jamming on guitar to Three Days Grace’s “Never Too Late” is everything we needed

Who doesn’t love Shaquille O’Neal? One of the most decorated players to ever play in the NBA, he was a physically dominant player in the paint the likes of who is not often seen. And he’s also extremely popular even today, with his presence felt in everything from commercials to random acts of charity and kindness. He’s also very, very smart with his money, and in a world where many professional athletes end up going broke right after retiring, O’Neal leads by example.

Even Shaquille O’Neal memes are funny as hell. From the “I sleep // Real shit” viral sensation to his truly larger than life presence (seriously, kids are drawn to him), there’s always something amusing going on with the former Lakers and Magic star. This might just take the cake, though.

A video surfaced of O’Neal playing the guitar recently, from his TikTok account – and he’s jamming out to Three Days Grace’s huge 2006 hit, “Never Too Late”. You might just die of laughter if you watch it, if we’re being honest.


it’s never to late

♬ original sound – ShaqDieselONeal

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