March 2, 2024

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Alt-pop femme fatale Cami Petyn shares fiery new single “Psycho Bitch”

We normally don’t LOVE alternative pop around these parts, but the new track from LA based Cami Petyn hit us so hard (and is so innately BADASS) that we felt we had to share it. “Psycho Bitch” is an exploration of female empowerment, self realization and good ol’ fashioned femme fatale style vengeance wrapped up in a sonic blanket that might remind you of Madonna, Billie Eilish and classic Gwen Stefani. The song was recorded and mixed by Tenacious D bassist John Spiker and has a fuzzed-out sound in the verse juxtaposed against a huge, radio friendly chorus that showcases his rock influences and Cami’s stellar vocals. The music video (premiering today at 12pm PST) is a gritty escapade that follows the themes of the song and ends in some righteous and well deserved revenge. You can stream the track here.


“When I first moved to LA I had some nasty experiences with entitled men who thought they could take advantage of me. I was young and naïve back then so I never stood up for myself – this song is me imagining what I wish I would have done and what I hope other people do if ever in that position.
This song to me is all about taking back your power. So, I want my listeners to imagine that they are also singing to people who have screwed them over and feel empowered. I think of this song as a feminist anthem, but, it really applies to ANYBODY that has felt taken advantage of. ANY gender can be a psycho bitch.” – Cami Petyn
Expect more music from Cami Petyn throughout the remainder of 2021,with a live show alongside fellow rising stars Flavia and L’Freaq taking place on September 15th at Resident in downtown LA. Tickets are available here.


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