Alien Hominid Invasion – A fun, challenging, yet repetitive burst of fun

Coming seemingly out of nowhere, Alien Hominid Invasion blasts on the scene marking a 2nd entry for the series with a different format this time.

The new format here is rather nice and works well. Instead of a run and gun type game we are treated to a roguelite multi-path map to go across until we reach the end. Each area plays like its own small arena map where you have limited room to run around and have to complete x amount of side objectives to be beamed out of the map. The longer you take in each map the stronger and deadlier enemies become. This means you have to be moving and killing / completing things as quickly as possible to not become overrun with enemies.

While the game isn’t overly difficult to begin with it very quickly ramps up the challenge. Later areas become swarmed with overly strong enemies requiring charged attacked while dodging beams and bullets. Limited health and lives means the perma death outcome is always a worry. At times I did find it ramped up the difficulty too quickly and to too much of a degree.

The game visually looks fantastic though. The cartoonish looks blend perfectly with everyone looking unique and like a moving animated film. Controls feel fluid and I never felt a death was caused by bad controls, it was just caused usually by too many things happening at once.

While the game does a lot and is fun in small bursts I quickly started to see the bad things with extended plays. Side objectives repeat too often and excessively. Random objectives in each map meant I had instances where I did the same things over and over in each level quickly showing what little the game had to offer in that department. Mix that in with difficulty that scaled too quickly and the game was better in smaller bursts of a level or two at a time.

That being said though the game is a lot of fun. Its chaotic and hectic while looking and playing so smooth. I just wish in the end there was a bit more below the surface.


Score : 3.5 / 5

Review provided courtesy of The Behemoth 

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