Album Release Friday: New Music From The Algorithm, Polyenso, In Dying Arms

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More new music is always a good thing, and this week we’ve got releases from BABYMETAL, Weezer, and Decyfer Down. But there’s three specific bands I’d like to highlight – metal/something-core veterans In Dying Arms, France’s “heavy computer music” star The Algorithm, and former post-hardcore band turned Floridian experimental rockers Polyenso.

Check out some highlights from each band below, and if you’re enjoying what you hear, tell your friends!

The Algorithm (Brute Force)

The mastermind of one Remi Gallego (with live drum support from Jean Perry), The Algorithm’s 3rd full length Brute Force is an exercise in the bombastic and the exciting. Dubbed “heavy computer music”, The Algorithm really is a great blend of various electronic (dub, glitch, electronica, EDM) and metal that’s as made for the dancefloor as it is for the moshpit. Overall, it’s just as good as Octopus4 and Polymorphic Code. In a perfect world (if the year was 1996) The Algorithm would be teaming up and touring with The Prodigy – that statement alone should speak volumes to how good this release is.

In Dying Arms (Original Sin)

Metalcore? Deathcore? Post-hardcore? In Dying Arms are all of those things – until they’re not. But at least on Original Sin, their first album for Tragic Hero Records, they’re a solid blend of all of those. A fusion of those genres might not seem like they’d work effectively, but on standout tracks like “Blackwater”, the combination of throat-shredding screams and competent singing in the choruses is something to behold. They’re headlining a tour as well, and much like the hard-working veterans in Ice Nine Kills, you can expect their profile to be raised significantly very soon. Given how hard they’ve worked to get here, it’s only fair.

Polyenso (Pure In The Plastic)

When did Polyenso (formerly post-hardcore heroes Oceana) attempt to become the next Radiohead? Maybe it was on One Big Particular Loop, when the band totally shed their post-hardcore roots (though in actuality, that happened on the Clean Head EP). Or maybe, just maybe, the band has even higher aspirations than that. While it’s true that Pure In The Plastic is slightly different from OBPL, it could also find itself climbing the alternative rock charts. Watch out, world, because Polyenso has completely escaped the shadow they were once under.

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