Actions Speak Louder Release Final EP ‘Self-Sacrifice’ Via Zero Limit Records

Actions Speak Louder is a post-hardcore band, located in Orlando, Florida; they’re notably known for their covers of Stitches and Treat You Better by Shawn Mendes. Actions Speak Louder is additionally apart of the Artists Investing In Fans program through Beneath The Skin alongside bands such as Memphis May Fire and Paramore.

If you’re a notable fan, then you know that their first two EP’s, Self-Discovery and Self-Worth, have a profound storyline that go together and that they include strong messages of positivity and encouragement behind each lyric as well as a dynamic and electronic sound similar to bands like I See Stars and Memphis May Fire. Although, this upcoming release is by far their best work and listeners should expect heavier tones, diverse topical lyrics, and an overall mature direction.

After reviewing Self-Sacrifice, I can confidently say that Don’t Take My SoulAutopilot Disengaged, and the single are my favorite tracks. They’re all very different in their own way and I appreciate the post-production put into each track. Autopilot Disengaged seems to be a continuation of Moral Duty from Self-Worth; the message is clearly positive, serves as a callout to the outcasts in the world, and is fairly heavy with a solid breakdown too. The beginning of the song definitely brings me back to the roots of the band and I really enjoy how they incorporated creativity within the intro as well. Don’t Take My Soul immediately grabbed my attention not only because it’s a slower, more emotional sounding song but because of the lyrical content and the emotions that it brought forward. Some of my favorite lyrics are as follows:

Please, won’t you set me free?

Release me from this agony.

Please, just be done with me.

I gave you all my heart, there’s nothing left to beat.

I feel as though anyone would enjoy Don’t Take My Soul because it’s a very honest song that opens you up to a more surreal feeling and although it’s the least heaviest track, I believe that it was made to be that way for a reason. You can stream it over and over and still never get tired of it.

To continue, as for the single, it’s definitely shows the maturity level of how far Actions Speak Louder has come. I completely understand and agree to why they those this track to display as the single and to represent Self-Sacrifice as a whole; it carries all of the characteristics any listener of would want to hear. The meaning is like none other as it describes the daily struggles of living with dark thoughts and negativity from within. We all can relate in a way that dealing with internal “demons” is a very tough pill to swallow but it’s possible to overcome it and to live on despite the bad days.

For more information regarding merch, tour, and upcoming shows, please visit the links below. Self-Sacrifice is expected to be released on November 30th, 2018 and will be available for streaming and purchase on all sharing sites such as Youtube, iTunes, and Spotify.

Be sure to click the links below to stay tuned and to listen when it’s out!

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