“5 Albums That Changed My Life” with Mikey Pauker


With influences from genres spanning from folk to electronica, you know Mikey Pauker has to be a talented vocalist. Check out the video for “Top Of The World” for proof. Mikey gave us some of his time to discuss 5 albums that have had a profound impact on him in some way. Check them out after the jump!

1) “Ok Computer” Radiohead-My good friend and past roommate Lazar introduced me to Radiohead during my 3rd year of college.   I didn’t know where to start so I just started listening from the very beginning of their discography.   “Ok Computer” stuck out for me. The production was just.. different… the album is a piece of art.   I remember seeing Radiohead for the first time at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, California and was blown away from their performance of “Paranoid Android.” Best concert of my life.

2)  “O”- Damien Rice-
I was introduced to Damien Rice my freshman year.  The album is organic using all live instrumentation, aka stand up bass, acoustic guitars, small kit, cello, violins, two beautiful voices and even sampling crazy effects like an opera singer.  Reminds me of my adventures on foot all over San Francisco.

3) “Trouble”-Ray Lamontagne
This album is love. From the first to the last track my ears melt.  This is Ray’s first major release.  I could be wrong, but the production has elements of live performance and you can’t capture the same energy when it’s recorded all track on track digitally.  I have memories of walking through the red wood forest while listening to this album.

4) “Everything Everytime Everywhere” – Trevor Hall
I started listening to Trevor Hall a few years ago when I saw him live at the Dakota Lounge in Los Angeles, California.  I was under a crazy trance during his set.  After listening to his catalogue I was captivated by this album because of the clean, reggae/hip hop vibe mixed in with the socal folk genre.  His songs, “The Return, All I Ever Know, and Te amo” are masterpieces.5) Bon Iver – Self Titled
This album has been my go to album when I’m on the road.  I have memories of Burning Man, The summer time in West Virginia, road trips to the bay area, Israel, europe and the list goes on. When I want to have a solid cry, I just give this one a spin.

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