Metallic hardcore band Violent Life Violent Death drop single “The Light Behind”

  With their last release in 2020 with EP The Color Of Bone, Metallic Hardcore outfit Violent Life Violent Death has released their second single “The Light Behind” off their upcoming record Break. Burn. End. Out everywhere via Innerstrength Records on September 15th, the single is unsurprisingly filthy.     The track bursts forward with perfectly…

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Minneapolis indie rock band NATL PARK SRVC release new single “Smiling”

This past Friday, Minneapolis-based group NATL PARK SRVC released their latest single “Smiling,” the follow-up to last summer’s EP4. The band’s lineup includes violin, sax, and trombone in addition to the standard makeup of an indie rock group. Their ambitious take on the genre recalls the heyday of earnest, boisterous, and expansive mid-2000s indie rock….

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