Experience a “Taste Of Betrayal” with the new song from Perelandra (which also features Jacob Regruit of Aphasia)

Only just starting to establish themselves in the scene, Perelandra is a six-piece metalcore band from New York that come armed with most of the traits you’d expect from a band in the genre. The band’s third single to date, “Taste Of Betrayal” (yes, this is brand new, let’s gooooooooo) is definitely the band’s most…

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On ‘Sound Awake’, Karnivool hit progressive rock’s aggressive (and accelerated) evolution

The list of bands just from Australia that Karnivool have influenced is a lengthy one indeed. Though they’ve only released three full-length albums since their 2005 debut Themata, Karnivool’s brand of progressive rock // alternative metal has evolved with each record – making each outing a distinct one. To say Sound Awake is 72 minutes…

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