Ambitious metal solo project Grimmreaper premieres new song and video for “Catastrophe of the Tragic Melancholies”

Talk about ambition. Grimmreaper, the brainchild of Logan Grimm, is a modern metal project where Logan plays all the instruments. Merging modern metal influences like Bullet For My Valentine with more technical ones like Meshuggah, the project is as much a multimedia one as it is a musical one. We’re stoked to help bring this…

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Why people prefer Online Slots over Roulette

When you log onto an online casino you’ll see something quite striking right away. Although there will be other games available, including roulette, and you’ll probably be able to bet on sporting matches and other events too, the majority of the website you are looking at will be dedicated to slots. And that’s because online…

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Casino games you NEED to play

There are so many casino games players can sink their teeth into and potentially win themselves a fortune. It’s no wonder that casinos are becoming increasingly popular as they have an ever-developing range of games to play, especially online casinos like which are a buzzing hub of variety when it comes to gambling. With…

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