September 28, 2021

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Ambitious metal solo project Grimmreaper premieres new song and video for “Catastrophe of the Tragic Melancholies”

Talk about ambition. Grimmreaper, the brainchild of Logan Grimm, is a modern metal project where Logan plays all the instruments. Merging modern metal influences like Bullet For My Valentine with more technical ones like Meshuggah, the project is as much a multimedia one as it is a musical one.

We’re stoked to help bring this vision to life via a new song, “Catastrophe of the Tragic Melancholies”. Needless to say, if you’re into metal that’s ambitious but also accessible, give this one a try – especially since the album it’s off of, The Tragedy Of Being, will see a release in the first half of 2021.

About Grimmreaper:

Logan Grimm is an ambitious young artist seeking to take on the world, and the creator of Grimmreaper. He has developed an intense backstory for a multimedia project that explores the very human realities of tragedy and suffering, and the choices they present, from nihilism and resentment to transcendence and courage. In the process of this, he has crafted music that fuses the influences of highly technical bands like Dragonforce and Meshuggah with the work of more mainstream names such as Five Finger Death Punch and Bullet For My Valentine.

The project, which will start to see release in the early half of 2021, will center around an album entitled The Tragedy Of Being. The record explores noble and contemptible ways to respond to the conditions inherent to human consciousness. Since it is wholly a solo project, Grimm will perform on the record as each ‘band member.’ He will also represent each member in the videos released for the project, each hidden behind a black hood with a different appearance. The Tragedy Of Being will be accompanied by a documentary of the creation process featuring the twin personalities of the business-minded Logan and the poetic artist, Grimm. It will embody his sense of humor, split personas, and inspirations.

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