October 19, 2021

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Why people prefer Online Slots over Roulette

When you log onto an online casino you’ll see something quite striking right away. Although there will be other games available, including roulette, and you’ll probably be able to bet on sporting matches and other events too, the majority of the website you are looking at will be dedicated to slots. And that’s because online slots are the most popular way for people to gamble online by far. In fact, their popularity is growing, partly due to the fact that mobile gaming apps allow people to play any time, anywhere, but also because these games are so much fun to play at New King Casino site.

Since so many people are going to choose an online slot game over a game of roulette if they have a choice (which they always will do), just what are the reasons what people prefer online slots over roulette? Read on to find out.

Slots Are More Action Packed

Firstly, we’re not saying that roulette is a bad game – far from it. It’s a great game, and lots of people love to play it. It’s certainly not unpopular. However, it is simply not as popular as an online slot game is.
Yet there are many reasons why roulette is something that people like to play. It’s a game that suits those with great patience; a lot of the time nothing is really happening, and then there is a quick burst of action, after which everything slows down again. During this time, people are placing their bets and deciding exactly how they want to play.
Unlike roulette, slots are action packed and there is always something going on. If you don’t have a lot of patience or you like to see something happening all the time, the slots are going to suit you better than roulette.

The Graphics

A game of roulette is always going to look the same, whether you’re online or offline. There will be a big spinning wheel with red and black squares on it, and those square will be numbered. There will be a little silver ball that rushes around that spinning wheel… and that’s it. It doesn’t change and it can’t change. For some, that’s comforting and it’s why they keep coming back to roulette.
However, for others, it is just pain boring. Whereas slots are different. Each one has its own look, whether that’s a retro kind of fruit machine vibe or something more up to date. There are themes too, from movies and music to events and countries and everything in between. Basically, if there’s something you enjoy then there is probably a slot game dedicated to it, or something close to it.

The graphics on slot games these days are impressive to say the least, and they just keep getting better. A game of roulette is what it is with no bells and whistles, but a slot game can be as exciting and graphically enhanced as you want it to be – there is sure to be something that suits you.

Chances Of Winning

Every casino game will offer some chance of winning – if they didn’t, no one would actually spend any money trying to win more back. However, some games offer a better chance than others, and slots give you the best chance of all. Every game will have an RTP (return to player) percentage, and this RTP gives the player an idea of how likely it is that they will see a return on their bet.

Slot games offer an average RTP of 97 percent or so, which means you have pretty good odds of winning at least something back (the RTP is not an indication of the chances you have of winning the jackpot, of course, so it’s good to bear that in mind). Roulette’s RTP is lower, at about 95 percent. It’s still not bad – for every £100 you play with you’ll get £95 back – but it’s not up there with slots.

Ease Of Playing

The reality is that both roulette and slots are easy to play. It’s all a game of chance, no matter which way you look at it. However, slots do have the edge in that they allow the player to set a maximum bet they’re happy to play with and then set an auto-play option, so all they have to do is watch. When it comes to a relaxing game to play, slots win out because of this hands off approach that some players love.

Bonus Games

The bonus games in online slots are often what players remember more than anything else. It is these games that make one game stand out above another, and in some cases it is through the bonus games that the biggest jackpots can be won.

These extra games differ from the standard gameplay of the slots (which does tend to be at least similar to if not the same as the next), and they allow the player a little more control in many cases, depending on the game that is being played. Triggering a bonus game is exciting and something that many players want more than anything else when they’re playing slots. There are no bonus games in roulette. It is simply the standard game with the ball tumbling around the wheel.

Slots Are Cheap

For those with a limited budget, or those who simply want to play for fun and don’t want or need to spend a lot to do that, slots are ideal. You can usually bet from as little as 1p (choose your slot wisely as some will demand more than that), and if you only have £1 to play with, for example, you can see how far that would take you on the slots. This is ideal is you are looking for a cheap, relaxing pastime that you can do from home, on your daily commute, during your lunch break, and so on.

Roulette will cost you a lot more to play, and since the chances of winning back your stake are lower too, all in all they are a much more expensive way to gamble.

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