TNF Premiere: UK art-punk band Civil Villains premiere new video for “Gargoyles”

If you like abrasive alt-rock that also dares to venture out of its comfort zone, UK art-punk band Civil Villains might be the band for you. Having just released their debut EP Snake Oil in November, the band have already made waves throughout the scene by playing shows with Bellevue Days, Poly-Math, and even Listener. While it can be hard to pin down their sound musically, rest assured that they love to RIFF.

We’re also stoked to be premiering the band’s new video for “Gargoyles” from the debut EP. Give it a watch below and get to know the rising band with a few Q&A questions, too.

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Texas metalcore newcomers Mirrorshades release debut single, “Control”

San Antonio, Texas, is known for plenty of things. The Alamo. About the new single, the band shares this: “This is our first single and it’s a┬átaste of what’s to come. Some songs are heavier and some are radio friendly. The live show we have been working on is something that hasn’t been done yet (as far as we know) and is definitely going to bringing something new to this genre that we can’t wait to share with everyone.”

With its agitated screams accompanied by a backdrop of engaging guitar riffs that effortlessly tag-team each other through out the track with great clean vocal work intertwined within, this release has done more than just make a great impression in the metalcore genre. For a first single for this up and coming band, it seems the only way for this band is to blossom into something extraordinary.

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Premiere – Adventurer Releases New Single “Vicious Circle” with Kurt Travis’ Esque Records


Michigan post-hardcore act Adventurer has released their newest single, “Vicious Circle” with Esque Records today. I had the pleasure of getting to interview the band for this release, asking them about this new release, their inspirations, and what’s in store for the future.

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TNF Premiere: New York crossover hardcore band Brick By Brick premiere video for “Bad Sign”

With the release of their early 2019 album Hive Mentality, New York crossover/hardcore/thrash band Brick By Brick are clearly not messing around. Though the band has existed for longer than you think, the band’s new record has gained them plenty of attention. And why not? It’s a solid record made from veterans of the scene, with lots of thrash, metal, and hardcore influence that is guaranteed to get you moving.

We’re excited to be premiering the Kim Cangemi-directed new video for “Bad Sign” today, too. A hilarious video that also features the legendary Vinnie Stigma (Agnostic Front) as well, the video is the 3rd to be released off Hive Mentality to date. Do we need to say much more? Probably not.

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