Canadian progressive metalcore storytellers Living Machines debut latest single + video for “Harvest”

Having existed for a short time, Canadian progressive metalcore band Living Machines are a band that seems to be gifted beyond their years. The band injects a heaping helping of technical wizardry into their brand of metalcore, as well as an interesting story-driven sound that also doesn’t distract from the music. In other words, if you’re looking for a band in the genre that does things a little differently, Living Machines’ new single “Harvest” might be for you – and we’re stoked to be teaming up with the band for the single premiere today as well. Give it a spin below and check out the band’s website for exclusive merch, alongside a description of the story the band clearly views as an asset to their sound.

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TNF Premiere: The Home Team debuts acoustic rendition of “Fashion Forward”

Call them whatever you’d like – alt-rock, pop-rock, pop-punk – but the music of The Home Team should always be labeled under both catchy and energetic. The band, who are preparing to release a deluxe edition of last year’s full-length Better Off, are also opening 4 upcoming dates of Don Broco’s upcoming USA headlining tour, which is sure to give them a big boost.

It’s deserved, too. We’re stoked to be partnering with the band today for the debut of the acoustic version of “Fashion Forward”, one of their most popular songs to date. A solid introduction to the band as a whole, we think you’ll love the unique vocals behind it all, and the acoustic version adds a new kind of intimacy to the standout track.

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Chicago hardcore band Through N Through debuts official video for new song, “Resolute” (TNF Premiere)

Do you like the spirit and energy of hardcore? Do you also like riffs, moshing, and more riffs? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’re stoked to team up with Chicago hardcore band Through N Through for the premiere of their new song (and video) for “Resolute”. The band’s new single arrives as the first single off their upcoming full-length album, due out late in September, along with a string of tour dates you can find below as well.

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Tampa alt-rockers Nevertel shoot for the stars on catchy new single, “All Good” (TNF Premiere)

If you’re like us and you love when genres of music blend together effortlessly, you’ve certainly come to the right place today. We’re stoked to be bringing you “All Good”, the impressive new single from Florida’s Nevertel. For the uninitiated, the young band deftly blends together modern alt-rock/post-hardcore vibes (Hands Like Houses is a noted influence) and hip-hop/pop influences (think Issues) for an interesting mixture of styles.

In their short few years together, Nevertel has already played shows with the likes of Convictions and Eyes Set To Kill, as well as playing many a headliner of their own in Central Florida. Given that the band members originally played in metalcore bands, their level of instrumentation is a bit more dialed back now – yet still effective. In short, you should dig this quite a bit. We sure do.

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