TNF EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Electro-alternative powerhouses LOWBORN and VISTA team up for new single “Light Me Up”

Lowborn x VISTA “Light Me Up”

Electro-alternative rock band LOWBORN can’t be compared to any other modern act, with their flawless production and tactful hooks heard on each release. The flames behind powerful new single “Light Me Up” engulf listeners from the first few seconds with short yet dominant guitar riffs and mighty vocals from Wes Lauterbach.

Both bands have also managed to garner some inpressive attention on streaming services. Lowborn receives placement on Spotify’s New Noise editorial playlist, and Vista’s “Witch Hunt” is closing in on 300k Spotify streams – all impressive numbers for independent musicians. We’re excited to be bringing you “Light Me Up” a day early.

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Premiere: Nevertel Has You Caught in “Another Lie”

A band that’s flown under the radar for several years now is Nevertel. A seriously-underrated act, these rockers have a knack for blending post-hardcore and rap without one genre overtaking the other. Their 2018 EP Deep Down is an easy top-5 of all time for me, with every song sticking out. Employing other elements like the layering of electronic effects, stellar unclean vocals and strong bridges make Nevertel a standout act.

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Get “Ready To Fall” with the insanely catchy new single from pop-rock band High Shores (Premiere)

Infectious and upbeat electronic pop-rock is the name of the game for High Shores, a North Carolina band who are quickly making waves throughout the music scene. With a fresh sound that has subject matter that’s instantly relatable to just about anyone going through tough friendships or relationships, “Ready To Fall” (which was produced by Wes Lauterbach of Lowborn) is bound to be a song fit for summer playlists.

We’re excited to bring you the video for the song a day before it hits all good streaming services. While “Ready To Fall” might easily fit in with the likes of Against The Current or Ashland, rest assured that the trail High Shores is blazing is one of their own, too.

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Premiere: Rain Division – “Ambivalence”

Rain Division is a brand-new act in the scene, but from the looks of things, they have been in the works for a while now. But on this Valentine’s Day, the band is set to make their debut with “Ambivalence”.

The R&B-tinged sound of the track is reminiscent of Tyler Carter’s solo work, with an infectious chorus and somber lyricism. The video shows the struggling vocalist flanked by an elated dancer, a strong juxtaposition. The artistry of the vocalist’s chops compliments the dancer’s skills fabulously.

I’m excited to hear more from Rain Division; this is a well-executed debut with plenty of polish and flair to impress new listeners. Check out the video below and let us know what you think!

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