White Noise: On 2011’s ‘Impulse’, progressive metalcore band Erra got off to a roaring start

While the genre is fairly oversaturated at this point, there was a time early in the last decade where bands playing progressive metalcore were uncommon. Alabama’s Erra were one of the first to emerge a decade ago, releasing a series of EP’s that eventually landed them a record deal with Tragic Hero Records. While their newer output (especially the 2016 release of Drift) earned them a growing fanbase, it’s the band’s first two records, Impulse and Augment, that laid the groundwork for future success.

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5 heavy bands that are poised to explode in 2020

While this year has been turbulent, there’s no denying that we’ve gotten some great music out of it. Some bands are really coming into their own and making their voice heard, being a shining light in one of the worst years we can recall. I’m beyond glad to see these bands get the spotlight, as the effort exuded matches some undeniable talent. Take a gander at the bands that are ruling 2020.

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The Video Game That Changed My Life (Chris St. John of Waiting For London)

You might be shocked at the amount of video games that many musicians play in their spare time. If you think about it for a minute, though, it’s not all that surprising. The gaming industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, and really it has been for many years now. Games like Grand Theft Auto V and the COD franchise bring in billions of dollars in revenue, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We’re stoked to bring you another edition of our new series, The Video Games That Changed My Life – or in this case, a singular game. Chris St. John, bass player for pop-rock band Waiting For London, is joining us today for this feature – and this time, it features a game that many consider the archetypal modern RPG game. Yes, we’re talking about Final Fantasy VII – a game which got a spiffy remaster earlier this year, to critical acclaim. Join us below while Chris takes you through the game – and why it means so much to him. You can also check out a previous edition of this series here, starring Nikki from New Year’s Day.

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Don’t sleep on Sunsleep

Photographer: Robert Sherman for Resurget Mag

It’s no secret that post-hardcore is on another upswing. Picturesque, Too Close to Touch, Awaken I Am, and several others are bringing a new wave of the genre into thousands of new fans’ ears. One on the rise that has a masterful sound is Sunsleep, who have released a solid amount of songs to take note of.

Dropping singles and an EP here and there since 2017, their most recent track, “Dead,” is a prime example of what Sunsleep has to offer. It checks all the boxes: a chorus that sticks with you past the song’s closure, a stunning vocal performance, competent song structure… the list goes on.

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