May 25, 2024

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Linkin Park’s super heavy “QWERTY” has been unveiled to the world, and predictably, it’s going viral on social media

Okay, here’s a “nice” fact for you. At the time of this post’s publication, there were only 69 artists in the entire world that were streamed more on Spotify each month than Linkin Park. There are very few rock and metal artists in that top 100, so that’s a pretty sizable achievement. It also echoes their status as one of the biggest rock bands since the new millennium – selling tens of millions of albums and influencing a generation of other musicians will give you accolades like that.

Considering their size, though, each of their seven full-length albums (and plenty of recording in the last 25 years) has dozens of potential songs that either didn’t make the cut for an album, were unfinished, or even had specific ideas that radically would have altered their released counterparts (think: some of the demos that Hybrid Theory and Meteora’s anniversary editions yielded). There’s no doubt that the MTM-era track “QWERTY” is one of those fan favorites, and notably it’s one of the heaviest songs Linkin Park ever put to tape. Had it been included on MTM, much of the narrative of that record would have been changed – words like “lukewarm” and “tepid” would have made even less sense.


Finally “QWERTY” is officially released #linkinkinpark #linkinparklive #linkinparkfamily #chesterbennington #mikeshinoda #linkinparkforever #linkinparkfan

♬ som original – LP Music

Already at almost 1.4 million streams on Spotify in 4 days and change (not to mention its success on other streaming services), the song is definitely going viral on socials and the Internet in general. Much of it has to do with the fact that newer Linkin Park fans are discovering just how heavy the song is (even for Linkin Park), hearkening back to the rap-rock dynamics that defined their earliest material. It’s still urgent, raw, and primal in the tradition of rap-rock’s most vital acts – especially those that influenced Linkin Park on their own. There’s also the fact that it’s available on streaming services for the first time ever, which means it’ll also continue to get people talking about it.


Tonight at 9pm PT tune in for the QWERTY Premiere + YouTube Premium Afterparty (Link in bio) #Papercuts #QWERTY

♬ original sound – Linkin Park


‘QWERTY’ de Linkin Park, ¡Fue lanzada oficialmente en TODAS las plataformas POR FIN! 🔥 @linkinpark #linkinpark #qwerty #chesterbennington #mikeshinoda #fyp #parati

♬ In The End – M爷

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