Dizasterpiece’s eclectic new album ‘ZZONEBOUND’ isn’t bound by rap or rock’s genre restrictions

Dizasterpiece’s new album might well be considered a breakthrough moment – and not just from the band’s perspective. Announcing intentions early in the album cycle to come up with something that blurred several genre lines, Dizasterpiece’s new album ZZONEBOUND is, ironically, not bound by genre restrictions that other projects might self-impose.

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Linkin Park + Jay-Z’s “Numb/Encore” hits exclusive territory of one BILLION Spotify streams

Groundbreaking in more ways than one, Linkin Park and Jay Z’s collaboration EP, 2004’s Collision Course, showcased what happens when hip-hop and rock join forces. Despite the enduring popularity of these cross-pollinating events, Collision Course felt particularly important because of the circumstances for both Linkin Park and Jay-Z surrounding its release. The mashed-up songs felt…

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