May 19, 2024

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Yngwie Malmsteen Releases “Fury”, Art Collection Built From Guitar Performance


Famed guitarist, musician, and overall prolific music icon Yngwie Malmsteen has announced something awesome. What happens when visual art and music combine? Check out the results after the jump.

June 18, 2015 marked the official online release of “Fury”, the limited-edition fine art collection from Yngwie Malmsteen, the Swedish-born guitarist whose virtuosic, neo-classical reinvention of the form landed him on Time’s list of the ten best electric guitar players of all time. Hot off the heels of their groundbreaking drum art collection which used technology to capture on canvas the performances of drum legends like Bill Ward, Carl Palmer, Rick Allen, Dave Lombardo, Steven Adler and Jose Pasillas, Los Angeles-based creativity house SceneFour collaborated with Malmsteen to bring the same aesthetic to the guitar. The result is eight works, each named after some of Malmsteen’s hallmark tracks like Rising Force, Ocean Sonata, Fury, Blue and Spellbound. All are crafted from his guitar playing using an application SceneFour developed for a guitar player to construct visuals through performance on the fretboard.

Malmsteen and SceneFour spent the last year working between Malmsteen’s Miami home and SceneFour’s L.A. studio to develop and craft the collection. All pieces are numbered and individually signed by Malmsteen. The works range in edition size from 10 of the most limited piece Holy to 100 of the piece Crash And Burn. Hints of the fretboard are present in some of the work, just one of a slew of stylistic flourishes planted specifically to be appreciated by true music lovers. SceneFour’s brand of art is often referred to as “arena art” as a result of the unprecedented number of patrons that attend gallery showings of the work, which is quickly making them the fasting selling art team in the United States, boasting a collector base that spans the globe. SceneFour has also released fine art collaborations with RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan, Chuck D of Public Enemy and Bootsy Collins, to name just a few. The interest list prior to the Fury reveal was the largest in SceneFour’s publishing in years.

The “Fury” collection is available exclusively at

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