Yesterday Was Everything: How Misery Signals soldiered through emotional tension and death

They need little introduction at this point, but for those lucky enough to have experienced highly influential metalcore band Misery Signals’ rise to fame, the fans of the band and the passionate music they’ve created go hand in hand, to be certain. The band’s new documentary, Yesterday Was Everything, is a look inside the tension that clashing personalities often cultivates. There’s a special kind of emotion that musicians often go through, and it’s exacerbated tenfold when tough times happen. Death of friends and family, vans breaking down, having near-death experiences – all things that the band has gone through over the years.

This documentary is a look inside the unique and powerful experience Misery Signals had when playing the 2014 anniversary tour for their acclaimed debut album Of Malice And The Magnum Heart. I was lucky enough to talk to Ryan Morgan about the documentary, as well as touched on some rather emotional topics concerning the emotional tension the band went through recording this album. You can check out the trailer below, as well as my conversation with Ryan Morgan. Editor’s note: this was over the phone, so Ryan’s voice may be a bit low – turn up your sound for that. It’s a great conversation, to be sure.

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