Year Of The Knife were involved in a serious touring accident, but the heavy music community came through for them

Year Of The Knife is one of the hardcore community’s favorite bands, to be certain. Always engaging and full of energy, they put themselves on the map with 2018 EP First State Aggression – and have been delivering the goods ever since. Unfortunately, the band was involved in a serious accident while in tour in the Salt Lake City, Utah area.

The touring accident injured all members of the band, with vocalist Madison Watkins in critical condition at the time of this posting. All corners of the heavy music community have come together to support Year Of The Knife, though, with an eye-watering total of over $110,000 donated at the time of this writing (and rising). Notably, bands like Architects UK, // Fleshwater, Brendan Murphy of Counterparts // END, Courtney LaPlante of Spiritbox, Kurt Ballou of Converge, Stick To Your Guns, members of Knocked Loose, and almost 3,000 other people have donated to help YOTK with the support they need for medical bills, missed shows and tours, loss of income, and general recovery time.

If there was any doubt that the heavy music community is one big family, it’s moments like these that should prove those doubts to be dispelled. What more really needs to be said? So many people have come together to support Year Of The Knife in their time of need, and we certainly are thinking of all the members of YOTK at this time as well.

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