Milwaukee breaks their necks headbanging at The Rave with Dying Fetus and company

By Mariah Berg


The Rave/Eagles Club in Milwaukee, WI is one of the most talked about venues around. The Rave has some chilling stories that come along with it, the spooky vibe makes for a great place to see a death metal show!

Opening up a night full of death metal was a very special band. This band hails all the way from Tokyo! It’s not very often Wisconsin sees a death metal band all the way from Tokyo! This 4 piece band called Kruelty was here to get these Milwaukee metalheads moving their feet! From the circle pit to the heads banging, this band did a killer job at engaging the audience! Next to take the stage was a 4 piece band from Ohio called 200 Stab Wounds!

As soon as the intro to their song “Phallic Filth” started, the crowd was at the tips of their toes waiting for them to begin. As soon as the drum and guitar kicked in, the crowd went wild! If you like heavy, you like 200 Stab Wounds. Such a killer band to see live!

Up next was a band with energy like no other called, Full of Hell. Fans who haven’t seen Full of Hell live prior, had no idea what was about to hit them. As soon as their song “Halogen Bulb” began, everyone went nuts! Including vocalist Dylan Walker. Dylan is such a phenomenal frontman, his energy is through the roof!

Now for the reason everyone was packed into a hot sweaty concert venue, here to melt the faces of every metalhead in Milwaukee, Dying Fetus! Dying Fetus really need no introduction. This band has been absolutely killing it for YEARS.

A notable mention, their merch line was a mile long nearly all night. Death metal will never die. Dying Fetus played some absolute bangers like “Wrong One to Fuck With”, “In The Trenches”, “Subjected to a Beating” and more. As long as these 3 talented musicians were on that stage, the crowd was going wild! Many of the shows on this tour are sold out or nearly sold out, don’t wait to get your tickets to a show near you!


Photo Gallery : 200 Stab Wounds – The Rave (05.10.2024)


Photo Gallery : Full Of Hell – The Rave (05.10.2024)


Photo Gallery : Dying Fetus – The Rave (05.10.2024)

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