May 24, 2024

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Whoa: Linkin Park’s “Lost” debuts at #38 on the Billboard Hot 100

Linkin Park’s Meteora-era single “Lost”, a song that’s existed for just over 20 years, but only saw release on February 10th, has been a huge success. Even the band is getting in on the fun, posting TikTok and social media videos reacting to the single, which is being discovered by a new generation of listeners.

The song has also made a big impression on many, many charts around the globe. In fact, the reception has been akin to some of the band’s most highly-anticipated work, like when Linkin Park released singles like “New Divide”, “Lost In The Echo”, and “What I’ve Done”, for example. “Lost” is now the band’s eleventh entry on the Billboard Hot 100, which tracks the 100 most-popular songs in the country at any given point and time. It entered the chart at the #38 position, having racked up over 24 million streams on Spotify alone at the time of this writing. Honestly, congrats! Not much more needs to be said about this accomplishment.

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