February 27, 2024

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When We Were Young Festival (feat. My Chemical Romance, Paramore, and more) adds a second day and sells out!

After a huge concern of fitting so many bands into one 12 hour festival with only 3 stages, those concerns reached promoters and they have established a second day for the festival. The upcoming festival features a huge lineup with some of the biggest names of music in their respective genres. Artists like Bring Me The Horizon, My Chemical Romance, Paramore, The Used, well you get the idea! Fans made their concerns heard with how the festival would pull off this 12 hours emo dream come true with only three stages. They probably had a solid plan, but just to ease fans concerns they added a second day to the festival. This would probably lead to increased set times, which the set times of artists was a concern as well. You can sign up for the ticket wait-list here if you haven’t gotten yours yet as the the festival has announce it’s sold out of tickets – abd the second day was only announced a few hours ago. Wild.

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