April 20, 2024

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Wheeler Walker Jr brings “Spread Eagle” tour to Joes Live Rosemont for an evening of debauchery and raunchy country

Wheeler Walker Jr is by far the best thing in country. The super vulgar singer, now fully embraced in the act of being Walker Jr, kicked off the 2nd show of his “Spread Eagle” tour to Rosemont, IL.

Rocking a massive 22 song setlist Walker Jr played heavily off his latest album “Ram” as well as previous release “Redneck Shit” with sprinkles from the rest of his discography thrown in. Rocking sunglasses and a cowboy hat the entire set he stood mostly in place, doing very little talking between songs, just blasting through one song to another.

The crowd, packed tightly and eager to see him, sang and cheered loudly to every song and every vulgar line that resonates close to him including his latest single “Fuck This Job” which garnered some of the loudest cheers. He has such a diverse set that it could go from a ZZ Top inspired rock song, to a slow country ballad, to having his band just destroy the stage with their own solos getting some of the spotlight.

While Walker Jr may have started as an offshoot of comedian Ben Hoffman, it clearly has taken over now. Packing large venues like this while producing the music he does is a feat that should be praised. Hes fantastic live, has a great backing band that completely shreds, and it hits home instead of coming across as forced.

Fans and new comers to his music should for sure check out this tour while you can because it won’t be long because Wheeler Walker Jr is playing even larger venues.


Photo Gallery : Wheeler Walker Jr – Joes Live Rosemont (09.22.2023)

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