December 6, 2023

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What are the most affordable months for weddings in the United States? A guide to saving your money

Many couples, opting for the date and month of the wedding, want this day to be special and everything to be perfect. The season undoubtedly plays a crucial role in any celebration, determining the weather, colors, atmosphere, and even the cost of wedding photography services, catering, holiday outfits, and much more. The best time of the year for a wedding event is determined by each couple individually, because if everyone gets married, for example, in September or May, this does not mean that it will suit you too. It is crucial to calculate the possibilities of lovers and decide not only on the place but also on the season.

In this article, we will detail when the demand for weddings in the US is the highest, as well as how to save money and get off-season wedding discounts.


If the bride and groom prefer a fabulous atmosphere and snow, where the photos will be light and cozy, you should choose the winter season. There are states in America where you are guaranteed to be able to organize your event and enjoy the beauty of the local landscape. Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wyoming, Ohio, and several other countries where snow falls in December, January, and February. The only nuance that can confuse future newlyweds is the low temperature, which reaches -35 ° C.

But, this fact, as you know, does not frighten lovers and they willingly organize photo shoots from the best Vanilla Brides photographers and enjoy an amazing result. Snowy weather can create a magical atmosphere for the event and make the moment of the exchange of rings cozier. If you do not know what is the best month for a winter wedding, then we recommend that you pay attention to December. It is at this time of the year that there is still not too much snow, which will not cause your guests to be late for the celebration due to traffic jams. Also, the temperature can drop to -10°C, but thanks to the fur cape, the bride will not be cold, and the groom can complement his look with an elegant coat. However, given that the season is not so popular, many hotels and villas offer discounts and underestimate the cost of rent.


Not the most popular time of the year due to frequent rains and temperature changes after winter. It is believed that March, April, and May fall into the cheapest season to get married. If lovers have a limited budget and want to save money on their wedding day, then spring should definitely suit them. Due to the low demand for this time of the year, you will be able to get a discount on an outdoor ceremony, as well as purchase outfits at not inflated prices. Vanilla Bride’s professional photography services also offer affordable packages with several different locations that will impress you.


Summer is the traditional time for weddings in the Americas. It was at this time that many couples who decided to tie the knot chose to tie their lives. This is an amazing opportunity for those who have dreamed of reciting their wedding vows at an altar by the ocean. The sea breeze and warm evenings will create the most comfortable atmosphere for the newlyweds and give them a chance to enjoy the event in full. As for the cheapest month for the wedding at this time, here we can say that July will be a budget option. But due to the high temperature, which can reach + 40 ° C, future spouses may experience discomfort during a photo shoot in the fresh air.

Experienced Vanilla Brides specialists warn of possible inconveniences and offer alternative locations for photography, such as:

on the ocean;
at the villa
in a hotel room;
at the waterfalls;
In the woods;
in greenhouses.

All of the above places will create an excellent background for you and will become a wonderful memory for many years to come.


This season tops the list of the most sought-after months for a wedding in the US. The main advantage of this time of year is the absence of large-scale holidays, which will allow you to easily book a place and make an advance payment. Also, your guests will probably not have plans for upcoming vacations.

In autumn, nature will delight the bride and groom with colorful shades of foliage, and a variety of fruits and vegetables will make it possible to create a delicious seasonal menu. It is worth noting that there is a chance to order any flowers, hold a wedding ceremony in the fresh air, and organize photo and video shooting in the desired places without worrying about high temperatures or heavy snowfall. Agree that from a financial point of view, this is not the cheapest time of the year to get married, but the most comfortable.
The popularity of a certain month should not guide the choice of lovers. Each season is beautiful in its way, so we recommend future newlyweds focus on their financial capabilities and perception of the event.

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