September 27, 2023

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New England metalcore group May We Meet Again release “Wallflower” ahead of upcoming debut EP

New England group May We Meet Again have released another single from their upcoming debut EP. They were off to a strong start in March with “Lost In Time”, their first song ever released as a band, and the new track “Wallflower” is a similarly balanced and well-executed offering of metalcore. Its lyrics detail the pain of losing a loved one, repeating the band’s name at the end of each chorus: “So now you’re gone forever / I’ll never be the same / You dragged a part of me to your grave / I’ll never get to feel again / Left here with my heart torn open / I’ll never get to heal again / May we meet again / May we meet again.”

The members of May We Meet Again are proud of the work they’ve put out so far and are excited for their full EP to be available to their growing audience. Drummer Tay Manesis shares what makes this particular release so special: “Our new song, ‘Wallflower’, is the first song that I wrote and recorded in a professional environment. In a way, it’s like my firstborn child. I’m thrilled to finally be sharing it with the world and I hope that somebody is able to relate to it and know that they aren’t alone.” Guitarist James Reda says that the new track “sums up our sound” and is “the perfect middle ground track for our upcoming EP.”

Regarding the full EP, Manesis reveals, “The EP is called ‘Words Unspoken’, as it’s the beginning of us being able to finally tell the world what has been silently eating at us for years.” Vocalist Tyler Fay says, “Every song on the EP is special and has its own way of connecting with people. From lyrics to instrumentals, these songs have their own emotions and vibes.”

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