April 22, 2024

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What Are The Benefits Of Music Streaming Platforms For Artists?

Having your music streamed on digital media sites (such as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Grooveshark) is crucial to gaining new listeners. Over the last few years, these online streaming services have allowed artists to make their music more accessible and have helped some artists gain more popularity than ever before.

Some may say that streaming platforms give record labels and producers more power over them, but they tend to forget that these platforms have also changed the music industry in a positive way There are numerous advantages of using streaming services for an artist. The main benefits include:

It is Where People Listen to Music

Streaming is where people listen to music these days. Whether it’s on their phone, at the gym, on tv, or their computer; because of the quick and easy mobility of digital music, streaming has become one of the most popular forms of listening to music.

Even if you don’t subscribe to your favorite streaming platforms (be it Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, or Tidal) you’re still likely spending quite a bit of time there as a casual listener. For artists in particular streaming has been good for allowing them to be discovered by new listeners without having to own a CD or go into a music store.

It Has Facilitated Easy Distribution of Music

Music distribution has come a long way. Earlier people used to go door to door with the CDs or records in their hands trying to convince others that this song is actually worth listening to and not just a waste of time. Most of these artists would face rejection as some would be doing it for commercial reasons and others would say no to the future earworms. But the music streaming platform has filled that gap and changed how distribution works, in the same manner in which email has filled the gap for sending and receiving letters. The streaming platforms allow artists to distribute their new songs, albums, and remixes, etc. through different channels in the network.

A good number of listeners around the globe are making use of this facility on a regular basis, which ultimately helps the artists to secure their place on top of the business ladder.

It Offers a Solution to Music Piracy

A major concern artists have about streaming services is the amount of revenue they generate. For some, the model seems unfair because labels and streaming services make so much more money from their music than they do. But for years now, pirated music sites have been getting the majority of music owners to download their MP3s illegally for free.

For this reason, assuming you provide quality tracks, music streaming platforms could be a good alternative for you as a musician. You’ll still make some profit even if users are listening for free.

It is a Great Source of Exposure, Especially for New Artists

In the modern age, music streaming platforms have emerged as a major source of exposure for artists. Artists can upload their work and create playlists. This increases the likelihood that their music or playlist will be played by a large number of people, like new and old listeners. There are many benefits to this kind of exposure for up-and-coming artists.

It Has Encouraged People to Pay for Music…Again

One of the biggest benefits music streaming platforms have brought is their ability to encourage people to pay for music. Over the past decade or so, we’ve seen big record labels crumble which ultimately led to a steep decline in artists getting paid. Streaming services have provided a different approach and put back people at the center of the distribution channels.

It Has Enabled Artists to Better Analyze How People Interact With their Music

With access to a large amount of data that can be tracked and measured, artists are able to better understand how their fans interact with their music. The old model was based almost exclusively on album sales, but with information from streaming platforms, musicians now have the ability to learn more about what people are looking for when they listen to their songs or albums. For example, they can track where certain listeners stop listening.

One of the big benefits for artists is that they gain access to their fans. In fact, it would be safe to say that most artists would agree that this is the biggest reason why they are in music in the first place; they want to reach their own fans and potential new fans.

They care about it so much because, without access to music listeners or buyers, many musicians can’t earn a living. Without either one, many musicians would have to do something else for money instead of play music.

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