June 5, 2023

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West Virginia metalcore band I, The Oracle break down walls with their new song “Fortress”

Forming almost seven years ago in 2014 came a metalcore band that focused on high energy and catchy choruses known as I, The Oracle. This newer metalcore band has been releasing solid and well written songs since their inception with singles such as “The Clockwork Tragedy”. The formation of the group eventually led to the creation of their 2015 debut album Like Feathers We Fall. I, The Oracle have strive to bring a fresh take to the genre and  it rarely fails, as the tracks are hard hitting and satisfying as a fan of the metalcore genre. I, The Oracle has previously released one debut album that we’ve mentioned, 2 EPs, and handful of standalone singles. I, The Oracle continues to bring a fresh vision to the genre with their new song “Fortress”. The newly released track is the band’s second release of the year. I, The Oracle does a fantastic job kicking off their new track with a punch of energy that progresses into the first verse. The song never misses a beat and builds onto itself in all the right ways. The new track “Fortress” has an explosive chorus and heavy hitting verses. I, The Oracle helps visualize the song with a very well done music video directed and produced by Matt Napier. I, The Oracle has had a promising year with their previously released “The Pumpkin King”, and now their heavy hitting new song “Fortress”.

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