September 22, 2023

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The American Bad Ass, AKA Kid Rock, is mad and “offended” that people don’t like his new song

The American Bad Ass (his words), Kid Rock, doesn’t like that you don’t like his new song, “Don’t Tell Me How To Live”. A collaboration with Monster Truck, you can probably guess by the song’s album art (if you can call it that) what it’s about. He doesn’t want “you” to tell him how to live, apparently, and has plenty to say about millennials for some reason (even though they’re a great deal of his fanbase). Weird how that happens.

Anyway, he was so offended (ironic) by the backlash against his new song that he proceeded to spout off a multi-paragraph rant that people don’t like it. In the rant, he wants people to “stop being so ‘dam’ (lol) offended” and not to “take the bait anymore’. Whatever the hell that means. Good times for a guy who realistically hasn’t been relevant over the last decade, and certainly not recently.

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