We need to talk about the ambient, dreamlike brilliance of Holy Fawn

Holy Fawn

Holy Fawn labels themselves as “Four creatures making loud pretty noises”, and we think that’s an accurate tagline for a very exciting band that was touted as Lamb Of God vocalist Randy Blythe’s favorite album of 2018 (for their Death Spells full-length). Certainly high praise, and the young band has the musical acumen to back it up too. What you need to know about Holy Fawn is this. The band dabbles in a sort of hybrid style of music that’s difficult to quantify, but they mesh various forms of shoegaze, post-black metal, post-rock, ambient soundscapes, and dream pop to create something truly spectacular.

While the comparisons to bands like Deafheaven and Envy will certainly abound upon first listen, Holy Fawn are quite skilled at combining the sum of their influences with nature-themed lyrics, a motif that is intriguing yet not overbearing. Storytelling is at the forefront of Holy Fawn’s sound, and it’s really quite exciting stuff. Take the third song on Death Spells, “Drag Me Into The Woods”, for instance. What starts out as an ethereal dream pop song abruptly shifts into a stream of (relative) heaviness that ends up really paying off for those who enjoy long, expansive songs.

The band’s newest EP, The Black Moon (released earlier this year), is short by comparison – but its more shoegaze-oriented sound is a real treat. In fact, it’s seductive in a way that only music can be – luring you in and then lulling you to sleep. Except, you know, in a good way. Either way you spin it, if you’re a fan of heavier post-metal music or the ambient and post-rock soundscapes of This Will Destroy You, Holy Fawn is a band you need to pay attention to. And fast.

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