December 3, 2022

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Detroit deathcore band IDLE release their new song “GALVANIZED”

IDLE is one of the newest extreme-metal outfits coming to the surface. The band formed in Michigan during the summer of 2020. The band, who specializes in the slamming melodic deathcore, comes from the Detroit, Michigan. Making a full line-up excluding bass guitar which they are currently auditioning, the line-up includes: Kofi Kwakye on vocals – from the band Mental Incarceration, Christopher Erich handles the guitars and production through QUA Productions (ex-The Ancient), Drew Arezmendi on lead guitar & David Richard on drums.

The drummer had this to say about joining the band:

“I have always wanted to be in a super heavy band but weren’t a whole lot of them around Savannah. Hidden potential I guess you could say hahaha”. a

Idle aren’t one to just shred your face off – they’re a bit more nuanced than that. However, they have shown comparison Rings of Saturn  and similar bands in the genre.

It seems as if IDLE simply enjoys playing heavy music & writing whatever comes to mind, birthing their release format of dropping five-song albums every two months. IDLE mentions, “In the age of COVID-19, these things we are all experiencing around the world, we have discovered altering the delivery of music is something to consider – it works for us because we enjoy thinking of new ways to approach the ever-changing industry”. They plan on putting every previous album on Spotify as the next comes out, giving some time for the newest releases to hang out on Bandcamp for a few months.

IDLE is surprising us with the use of more abstract leads over blast-beats & slam beats, which is something not typically seen in this hybrid genre of deathcore. Make sure you keep an eye out for REMNANTS THROUGH ENTROPY coming Nov 30th. From what we’ve heard with the newest teaser single on the Youtube channel – there will be slightly different production as far as writing they are leaning towards a more traditional death metal sound with warmer, dissonant sounding guitar riffs. As far as the vocalist’s unique range of brutal delivery, it’s still a huge part of what makes them stand out.


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