Watch Bring Me The Horizon play “Diamonds Aren’t Forever” with Static Dress vocalist Olli Appleyard

For the unfamiliar, Static Dress is one of the UK’s most exciting post-hardcore acts – bringing a fresh vibe on a sound that’s also nostalgic (without sounding cliche). Currently on a major support tour with Bring Me The Horizon, they’re definitely gaining some new fans (and detractors, like Machine Gun Kelly).

However, MGK would probably be quite clearly jealous of this. SD vocalist Olli Appleyard joined Bring Me The Horizon for a live performance of “Diamonds Aren’t Forever”, no doubt being a pivotal moment for Appleyard and the rest of Static Dress (and really, anyone who grew up listening to the bands they now tour with). Props to Static Dress for all they’ve accomplished so far – and it’s pretty clear they’re seeking to influence the next generation of bands as well.

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