April 20, 2024

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Washington, DC-based band The Missing Peace set to release their new song “tîger face” on July 29th!

Washington, DC-based indie post-hardcore band The Missing Peace made their debut in 2021 with their EP garage. The band’s influence derives from the indie and post-hardcore scenes. Since the release of ‘garage‘, The Missing Peace has released a handful of singles such as ‘captain richie’, ‘we’re not weebs’, and ‘silhouette of a broken heart’. The DC-based group has finally made it clear when they’ll be releasing new music, and it’s soon! The Missing Peace will release their new song ‘tîger face on July 29th, 2022. The five-piece has made great strides since their creation to positively impact their scene. We’ll be keeping our eye on The Missing Peace and their musical endeavors going forward! Fans of The Story So Far, Dayseeker, and Thousand Below will enjoy what this up-and-coming group has to offer!


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