May 25, 2024

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Warbringer keeps thrash alive and well with their new album, ‘Weapons Of Tomorrow” (review)

Warbringer, 2020

My very first CD was a Megadeth Greatest Hits straight from my dad who had a furtive interest in thrash metal, among other classic genres.Thanks to growing up on Guitar Hero, I grew fond of the style and loved to see how fast-paced and intense these bands could go. Today, I take a look at Warbringer’s take with their sixth album, Weapons of Tomorrow.

With not a second of rest, the record kicks off with “Firepower Kills”, bursting out the gate with a high-bpm and shredding guitars. The gruesome lyricism and gunshot-like snare hits place the listener on the frontlines of battle with a solo-a-minute jive. “The Black Hand Reaches Out” hones in on the theme of unwarranted intrusion, touted as “the ultimate headbanger anthem” within the press release (a sentiment I can agree with.)

“Crushed Beneath the Tracks” details the depravity in replacement in the lyrics and has an awesome speed boost 1:30 in, leading into a climactic guitar solo. A tender instrumental lead-up in “Defiance of Fate” helms vicious vocal delivery from John Kevill as this slower, seven-minute track sees the more technical side of thrash metal in this enduring piece.

Things pick back up with “Unraveling” having the fastest pace of the album so far – it’s hard to even write while listening to this because I’m nodding my head too quickly! This is my favorite song on Weapons of Tomorrow thanks to its raw heaviness and tasteful transition. “Heart of Darkness” gets a catchy bass hook before blast beats overtake it, as John once again paints a picture with his words, this time of the ruination mankind brings about. This seven-minute journey gets plenty of solo time for Adam Carroll to broadcast his chops.

A bold display of strength through words, “Power Unsurpassed” as John continues to hit the patented heavy metal falsetto. The toms in the outro sound massive, a nice touch to complement the brashness in the lyrics. Next up is a futuristic track, as “Outer Reaches” begs the listener to keep up on a breakneck trek through space. Most noteworthy is the impressive four-measure bass solo that precedes the first guitar solo.

“Notre Dame (King of Fools)” explores the idea of a fallacious man of power in this bit that likely wouldn’t make the soundtrack of Hunchback of Notre Dame, even with its on-point lyricism. Weapons of Tomorrow closes out with the aptly-named “Glorious End,” ceremoniously wrapping a bow on this contemporary thrash composition in grandiose fashion.

While I am not a frequent thrash metal listener, I have a lot to praise in Warbringer’s sixth offering. Weapons of Tomorrow is epic, immense, and unforgiving in its presentation. Every song has at least one guitar solo, the fretwork always frenetic, and the vocals fit like a glove and conjure crafty lyrics on par with The Big Four. I have Warbringer to thank for a renewed interest in thrash!

A press copy was provided courtesy of ALL NOIR.

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