February 25, 2024

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VV (Ville Valo) graces Chicago with two nights of love on “Neon Noir” tour (Show Review)

Upon news that Ville Valo of HIM was returning as a solo act with a new album and tour fans were anxious and excited. It showed no further though as the Chicago date of the tour sold out quickly and a second night was added, meaning Chicago was being graced with two nights of the best goth rock there is.

As night two hit and it was time the venue was full of die hards. People in custom merch, signs, custom license plates, and flowers ready to show VV what his music meant to them. As he hit the stage and cheers erupted as he went into “Echolocate Your Love” it was clear the night was made for singing along. Clearly happy to be on stage in Chicago with the crowd and with his own band VV was all smiles all evening long.

Blasting through an 18 song set that saw him go between songs from his new solo album “Neon Noir” and various hits from his time with HIM the crowd were given their money worth. It was great to see as well just how open the crowd were with his newer material singing just as loudly for it as they were songs from HIM. Fans in attendance were night two were even given the treat of the show being closed with the live debut of “Vertigo Eyes”.

For a man who stays within a 4 foot section of the stage, VV commands the crowd with ease though requiring only a smile or nod to get the crowd going. With his new fond sobriety he looks happier and healthier than ever and I hope for nothing but the best for him.

As one of my personal favorite sets easily this year I, as well as fans who packed the house for two nights, hope it doesn’t take years for VV to return back to Chicago who loves him dearly.


Photo Gallery : VV (Ville Valo) – House Of Blues (04.10.2023)



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