March 4, 2024

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UnityTX drop the beat hard with new single “Diamond Diez”

Photo Credit: T Aubrey

UnityTX are known for mixing hip hop and hardcore and with their new single “Diamond Diez” the band drops the beat heavy with the hip hop elements. This is the 3rd single from the bands upcoming album “Ferality” out Sept. 8th.

“DIAMOND DIEZ is a piece about lust and seeing the pure satisfaction in one’s eyes when met with the taste for pain in pleasure – having someone who will do anything for you, with you, and so on as long as they get what they want to the same caliber consistently,” shares the band on the new track. “But as time goes on that twinkle starts to dim, and it brings you to a state of betrayal captivated by disbelief. You can give them just what they want but in the end you’re always the one severed.”
“Don’t fall for lust without trust — blood will always be shed over diamonds.”
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