September 23, 2021

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Underoath return with explosive new single, “Damn Excuses”

It’s pretty clear that Underoath are doing okay right now. During the pandemic, the band made serious BANK with their Observatory livestream series, in a landscape where they were completely unable to tour. And signaled by their newest single, “Damn Excuses”, they’re coming out firing on all cylinders. It’s the band’s first new single in a couple years.

Speaking on the track, keyboardist Chris Dudley states:

“This song came out of nowhere for us. In hindsight, it probably stems emotionally from the anxiousness that a year of isolation will give you, and that ‘wanting-to-explode’ feeling came out with zero effort. It was therapeutic. This is us ready to get back into a loud room with sweaty people and experience something real together.”

Of particular note – take this with a grain of salt, of course – a recently leaked bit of info may see Ghostemane with a guest spot on their as of yet unannounced next studio album.

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