May 25, 2024

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UK deathcore band Severance fire on all cylinders with new song, “Black Blood”

UK deathcore band Severance have been, well, quite busy. Having released their first four songs in their existence only since 2022, they’ve managed to do so at a steady pace, and one that ensures they’ve garnered more of a fanbase as well. In fact, the band’s debut single “Cold Grave” has managed to rack up over 25,000 streams on Spotify alone – a solid number for a band no doubt trying to establish themselves.

Now they’ve released another new single in the form of “Black Blood”. To say it goes absolutely hard is an obvious statement, but there’s even traces of other metal subgenres in the mix. Basically, this is a moshworthy anthem that also sports a pretty neat video if you’re into anime. Solid stuff if you enjoy banging your head as much as we do.

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