February 25, 2024

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Twin Temple bring their signature “Satanic Doo-Wop” sound with new album “God Is Dead” out now

Twin Temple have carved out a genre all of their own with their iconic “Satanic Doo-Wop” sound. As if Amy Winehouse had summoned Satan herself, the duo have made a big name for themselves in the scene. The band released their latest album “God Is Dead” yesterday on Friday The 13th nonetheless.

Speaking on today’s news, Twin Temple commented:

“Sinners rejoice! We are infernally pleased to finally unleash our second album ‘GOD IS DEAD’ today, on Friday the 13th. Our most blasphemous, horny and painstakingly period-correct work to date; ‘GOD IS DEAD’ is truly worth selling your soul for. Listen and be pleasured…. by the most evil record of the sin-tury.”



Twin Temple


1. Burn Your Bible

2. (Fallin’ For A) Fallen Angel

3. Let’s Have A Satanic Orgy

4. Two Sinners

5. Black Magick

6. Spellbreaker

7. Be a Slut

8. God Is Dead

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