March 4, 2024

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Twenty One Pilots Release New Song, “Heathens”


Twenty One Pilots are currently on their Emotional Roadshow Tour all around the world. They’ve been playing in huge arenas and venues, with playing most of their well-known songs such as “Trees”, “Stressed Out”, “Addict With A Pen”, and “HeavyDirtySoul”. But now they’ve released a new song, “Heathens”, which you can find below.

“Heathens” has been in the top ten talked about hashtags on Twitter before and after¬†when it got leaked onto Tumblr. Most fans have responded to this new song positively. If you ask me, I believe that I hear Blurryface in the chorus or background, don’t you? There’s definitely a lot that’s going on behind Tyler’s voice. I’ve listened to it multiple times now and I’m quite puzzled to figure out what the true meaning of the song is. Whatever 21P does at this point is sure to set the Interwebs on fire – what’s your take on the track?

Here’s some lyrics that caught my attention immediately:

We don’t deal with outsiders very well
They say newcomers have a certain smell
You have trust issues, not to mention
They say they can smell your intentions
You never know the freakshow sitting next to you
You have some weird people sitting next to you
You think I did not get here, sitting next to you
But after all I’ve said, please don’t forget

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