April 24, 2024

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Track Review: Anakin – “Artificial”


It was just recently that I sent a message to a friend asking what space rock is, so it seems fitting that the second track off of alternative rock band Anakin’s Celestial Frequency Shifter was released today. 

The track, called “Artificial”, follows the first single, “Satellite”, off of the band’s upcoming second studio album, out in February. Their first album, Random Accessed Memories, was released in 2012. On their first album and in these two recently released tracks, Anakin uses a blend of alternative rock and techno elements that are evocative of Daft Punk, if Daft Punk was actually more punk.

“Artificial” is heavy on guitar with a driving drum beat, which back up contrasting gentle and almost ethereal vocals. Though it’s a bit of an odd blend, it’s very intriguing and very unique. The sound is extremely modern, and it’s definitely not one that can be easily pulled off, so Anakin has an advantage in their ability to produce it well. This track succeeds in capturing attention and gives the album added anticipation.

You can stream “Artificial” and “Satellite” on Brooklyn Vegan and pre-order Celestial Frequency Shifter from No Sleep Records.

– Erin Walker

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