This Day In Music History: August 23rd, 2005 – Minus The Bear mathy indie-rock masterpiece ‘Menos El Oso’

Considered the second in the “holy trinity” of Minus The Bear albums, Menos El Oso is one of indie rock’s greatest achievements. It even moreso earns this distinction when you consider Minus The Bear was formed from the ashes of Botch, Sharks Keep Moving, and Kill Sadie. Released on August 23rd, 2005, the record integrates math rock, experimental, and electronic influences into something that also has serious hooks.

Buoyed by the band’s signature song in “Pachuca Sunrise”, Menos El Oso is more than just fancy pedalboard work and technical proficiency. Songs like “Drilling” and album opener “The Game Needed Me” are buoyed by a plethora of melodies that inevitably will get stuck in your head. Seriously, if you’ve never listened to this record, get on it.

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