April 17, 2024

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The Wonder Years celebrate “Suburbia & The Upsides” during night 1 of sold out Chicago shows (Show Review)

In the list of the new generation of pop punk bands that have really gained steam and popularity The Wonder Years are at the top of that list and for good. Between the energetic live shows, singable songs, and relating lyrics the band has had a steady growth popularity wise through each record. Thats why its no surprise that when the band announced for its spring 2022 tour they’d be playing “Suburbia I’ve Given You All And Now I’m Nothing” & “The Upsides” in full, dates sold out fast.


On a cool Chicago Friday night, Concord Music Hall filled with fans young and old to listen to 2 of their favorite pop punk albums played in full. The Wonder Years walked on stage and from the beginning of “Come Out Swinging”, the first song off of “Suburbia”, the crowd was in an energetic frenzy that wouldn’t stop.

From an almost nonstop wave of crowd surfers that had no end in sight to sing alongs louder than the band, the fans made it known just how much these songs meant to them. Be it songs that are set staples or are rarely played, this tour is proof that The Wonder Years have made two albums that not only stand the test of time but will continue to do so.

Frontman Dan “Soupy” Campbell was in top form all night including talking about how the band has gotten a bit older since the albums came out, how the albums have changed, and how that must mean that the crowd has aged as well. With a massive 28 song set list the band after finishing Suburbia announced they’d be taking an intermission to give everyone some time to breathe, grab a drink, and use the bathroom. A move that couldn’t have been wiser to keep the crowds energy going instead of dying out.

Kicking off the evening was alt rockers Save Face. With a mix that I’d describe as My Chemical Romance-like with the energy of The Dillinger Escape Plan they kicked the crowd into high gear from the start. It was easy to tell they walked away with some new fans as well.

Next up was 2 piece alternative genre blenders Origami Angel. They masterfully blended many genres into their own blazing through their set with almost no pauses. The crowd knew who they were too with the singalongs starting more here. Closing out the openers was emo rockers Spanish Love Songs. Playing a set consisting mostly of songs from 2020s “Brave Faces Everywhere”, the fans were in a haze singing along to these deep songs.

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